Beauty – scary power or most powerful gun

Beauty – the terrible force or the powerful weapon? Eventually many women learned to achieve goals by means of the beauty. For an embodiment in life of the ideas they often resort to non-standard decisions, sometimes without giving themselves and the actions of the intelligible report. So, what the representative of a fine half of mankind if they decide to use the beauty as the weapon most often try to achieve?

  1. To subdue the man of the dream. Perhaps, this purpose is one of the most important in the woman’s life. All of us are created to protect the family center, but for this purpose it needs to be created at least. Here also we try in the opinion of the pleasant man and to look respectively. For some of us the beauty becomes a way of life subsequently, having learned to design patterns of evening dresses, some ladies become designers, and having gained skills of a make-up – makeup artists.
  2. To achieve promotion. Interestingly, women as if proved the superiority over men if to them forbade to be painted and wear skirts? Many women try to beat out by means of the beauty more the best, to the measures, a position. By the way, they do not represent the serious competition for men yet as in the majority of their concept of rather good personnel position differ. But from each rule there are exceptions.
  3. To have interview. Women are also sure that if they get a job through the immediate superior, the short skirt and long hairpins will help them with it. However, heads will choose the subordinate only on those qualities which are necessary on a workplace. It is natural that it is necessary to look accurately, tidily and not provocatively but if future place of work is not connected with the industry of fashion, you should not arrange on interview of a fashion show in dresses from famous designers. Of course, if such details of image which are better for hiding from the employer’s eyes, for example, tattoos and scars.
  4. To become object of admiration at men and envy at women. Here that purpose, in my opinion, which is unique line of ladies. Men prefer to do everything to themselves in the benefit, but in any way, not to do much harm to each other.
  5. To win competition. Some women for the sake of a victory are ready to follow blindly recent trends of fashion, to put on themselves a ridiculous and improper suit, however they cannot know how it is correct to shave armpits, to apply cream for suntan and other small cunnings. There are many situations, to solve which the woman tries by means of beauty and fashion. But can be it is worth sending such potential and energy to other, more useful course?