Girls from movies with guns

The modern cinema actively operates a subject of girls who prefer small doggies, handbags and heels, and of course shot-guns, swords and boxing gloves.
We decided to make a selection of film heroines up in arms right here on our site.

Trinity from “Matrix” is able to operate helicopter, perfectly handles firearms and in some situations is able to hang beautifully in space. In all parts of “Matrix” it is played by Carrie-Ann Moss.
Selenium from the movie “Other world” it is well-known for that professionally exterminates werewolves. Also it should be noted that the leather suit goes it incredibly.

The movie Sins of the city is full of aggressive women from whom all others constantly wait for a dirty trick. But the most sexual of them, perhaps – blue-eyed Devon Aoki who easily and easy exterminates the police officers who dared to attempt upon criminal tranquility of her area.

Fox from the movie “It Is Especially Dangerous” which is played by Angelina Jolie, is able to shoot in the most unimaginable poses and to start up bullets on a wild trajectory. The movie “Leon” which presented to us (praise to a foresight and the film industry!) Natali Portman, narrates about the young avenger exterminating murderers of the family.

The Trinity Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Natali (Cameron Diaz) and Alex (Lucie Lew) also famous as “Angela Charlie”, copes with man’s work on murder of enemies easily and easy. We agree that world justice was watched by such girls.

Michel Yeo and Zhang Tazi overcome gravitation force in “The stolen tiger, the hidden dragon”, then cause general respect.

Beatrix Kido (Uma Thurman) – perhaps, the most charming and cynical avenger in our selection. In search of the ex-husband it does not stop before any obstacles, masterly slicing enemies.
Kat, the heroine Zoe Saldana in a new action of “Colombiana” is able to wait. In 9 years it lost parents and swore to punish by all means those who took away from it a family. A way from Chicago to Colombia remote, but we know that after Zoe’s “Avatar” any business on a shoulder. You will be able to estimate the beauty Saldana in a new chilling action from the producer Luc Besson at all main movie theaters of the country since September 8.