What kind a girls men love

In the modern world it is difficult for woman to be weak and successful at the same time. The attitude towards strong and clever women at society double is also often surrounded with myths.

Here some of them:

Myth 1. Men like weak women.

Actually men like strong and self-assured women. Because force in itself is sexual, and increased by feminism and beauty, it becomes the faultless weapon of a seducing. The worthy man is capable to fall in love only with that woman whom he is capable to respect and at the same time easy to feel with her! And it is possible only with the self-assured woman who is internally quiet and happy with herself and the life. It is necessary to show not the material independence, and to show to the man the emotional and psychological firmness, ability to behave slightly “haughtily” in the wisdom and self-esteem.

Men do not love metamorphoses which happen to great ladies when those fall in love. Beautiful, self-sufficient women suddenly turn into the clamped, disturbing, fawning little fools in love, forgetting that fell in love their independent and successful for their eccentricity and a strength of mind. And all because occurs in society opinion that to be pleasant to the man it is necessary to be forgiving kind, gentle and sweet, compliant and slightly silly. In hope to twist “a love nest” with a suitable male and because of fear to lose the perspective relations, women start pretending to be and forget that in the relations the one who changes loses!

Of course, the role of “the romantic child” too sometimes needs to be included, especially during flirtation or when there is a wish to ask something, to fool about, cause affection, the defender’s instinct in the man, but it is necessary to remain thus itself: the worthy woman, with an internal core, with the principles, plans and a high self-assessment.

To remember the main thing, men like not weak women, and those who are able to seem weak!

Myth 2. Strong women need weak men.

It is considered that self-sufficient and successful women need to choose to themselves in partners of men weaker or gigolos that there was no race for power in the relations. Probably, each woman has to make own choice, but after all any woman what courageous she would not seem to people around, there is a wish that the reliable male shoulder and the partner whom sincerely you admire was near. Therefore, you should not underestimate a level, and here it is necessary to learn behavioral flexibility.

It is necessary to understand that houses iron ladies have to turn into domestic kitties. In communication with men change intellectual manners for wisdom; omniscience on intuition; and on a rigid cam put on a soft glove of flattery and tenderness. Using the mind and charisma it is necessary to learn to be the woman “three in one”: both mother, and friend, and sex partner. Such women are pleasant to strong men – different! And only clever women are capable to combine not combined.

Still remember, the female initiative of the relation kills, namely its existence distinguishes strong women from less self-assured therefore give it to the man! Let it will have a feeling that it the leader that it main! The wise woman will manage to bring hints darling to the decision necessary to it. For example, you want to go to the Italian restaurant which opened near your house today. It is possible to tell: “Darling, so there is a wish for some pizza … By the way, and you saw the Italian small restaurant opened? The neighbor said that their excellent kitchen!” Alleged reaction:” Let’s descend there!” And you:” What tremendous idea! With pleasure, native!”

Caress man’s hearing the phrase more often: “As you will tell, the road!” – …it can arrive as consider it necessary.

Refuse desire that that to prove, over persuade and justify. Forget about ultimatums, threats, “arrivals” and any aggression manifestations: it everything signs of man’s behavior. The offense, tears, grief, ignoring – are much more effective in communication with men.

Dare to get bitchy sometimes, especially when are ill, ask it council, ask about the help and favors – let your small female weaknesses awake in it the defender, the mentor and the rescuer – the strong man!

Myth 3. Men like foolish women.

From time to time to pretend to be the silly fellow is one, and constantly to be the silly woman is on the fan. And such, of course, are: diffident and near men adore seeming against such girls educated and clever. But the man respecting himself chooses to himself the partner in other parameters. It will be happy if near it there is that with which it is possible to speak about everything on light to receive from it wise women’s advice and support, but not an infantile affected doll. Though the intelligence does not exclude beauty, and the beauty does not exclude chasing!

What intellectual the woman would not be, fastidiously to refuse cosmetics and beautiful dresses calculated on an aggravation of primitive sexual instincts is not necessary – because the clever girl has to use everything to herself in the benefit.

Each strong man dreams of two things: that the woman understood it and accepted such what it is, with its minuses and pluses. And here precisely the woman needs mind and sharpness to manage to show to the man that only she is capable to make him happy.

Though little fools undoubtedly have an indisputable advantage – they have a natural ease! It consists in their natural inability to make plans and to make logical chains of conclusions. These are ladies reasonable always are in tension because of an infinite brain-work, trying to find a logical explanation for the man’s acts, to understand that stands behind this or that word of the man (though men unlike women are straightforward), make plans … And foolish live in one afternoon, are capable to rejoice to trifles, are undemanding – that and are attractive!

It is often possible to hear council – talk to the man on the subjects interesting him. I advise here not to go too far and not too to strain. To sit and learn as in car correctly are called is not necessary – do not lose a lovely charm of the silly little chap. Be talkative only on those subjects which are really interesting to both of you and in which women are considered as experts. To you we will be easily, and to the man it is informative. Talk about relationship, about psychology or it is simple about the book read by you which sets thinking and in a new way to look at habitual things. So you will be able to push the man on some understanding and opening which will be perhaps useful to your relations and will make your conversations fascinating. Plus, learn to ask clever philosophical questions – when the person asks about something, there is an impression that he already knows the answer to this question. And besides, that you are interested in his opinion to it will flatter.